August 27, 2022


Select the links below and learn more: How to Self Care for Anxiety & Depression SYMPTOMS | Get BETTER Mental Health + Stress Relief How Is the Healthcare System Failing Black Women? Why Black Women’s Health Matters Kiira (Health support for students) What does Roe v. Wade’s Overturn Mean to College […]
May 3, 2022

Own Yourself! – Finding Confidence in Who You Are

Written by Alexis Howell Over the years, I have been told I’m funny, smart, and have a calming presence. I have also been told that I am a “White girl trapped in a black girl’s body.” I remember the day I first heard this insult, in 5th grade during recess […]
February 22, 2022

What Makes Being Black at a Predominantly White Institution Feel Odd?

Written by Ryan Daniels Being Black at a predominantly white institution (PWI) is a different and odd experience. Attending a predominantly white high school helped a bit, but it is still odd for me to attend a PWI as a Black woman. When I went to college, I knew that I […]
January 30, 2022


Written by Martha Muojekwu If I had to guess the first time I felt fear, I think it would be at my first birthday party. My parents had wanted to have a Sesame Street-themed party for me. However, I guess I was not on board with that idea. I saw […]
March 28, 2021

Trust God, SIS!

by Lindsay Porter I HAD NO CLUE, BUT GOD KNEW I remember coming into college with CLEAR intentions of becoming a lawyer. I went to a summer program my junior year at Columbia University to learn about the law and really prepare myself for my future… or so I thought. […]
January 5, 2021


by Anayah Cork We are all created with a purpose and we all have a calling on our lives whether we realize it or not. We often times do not know what our purpose is or what the calling on our life is but through prayer and supplication, God will […]
August 26, 2020


MENTAL HEALTH IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS PHYSICAL HEALTH Meditation  Download ‘Abide’ application Exercise  Relax  Journal  Matthew 11:28-30 Philippians 4:13 Romans 12:2 1 Peter 5:7 Philippians 4:6-7 2 Timothy 1:7 Romans 15:13 1 John 4:8 Romans 8:28 2 Timothy 3:16-17 1 Peter 5:10 Philippians 1:6 Psalm 34:17 Hebrews 12:1 Philippians […]
June 14, 2020

Trust the Process…

by Aleyah Cork   Going into Spring Break, I was very uneasy. The rise of COVID-19 and the possibility of not coming back to campus after spring break worried me. The idea of being in quarantine, isolated with no human interaction other than interacting with the people in my house […]
April 6, 2020

I Am Blessed and Finally Enough… How About You?

by Jayla Langford    Throughout my life, one of the many things that I have been, is blessed. Blessed to endure the trials and tribulations that have come my way and blessed to live through them. As Matthew 22:39 states, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I recently realized that this amazing […]
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