I Am Blessed and Finally Enough… How About You?

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March 2, 2020
Trust the Process…
June 14, 2020


Jayla Langford


 Throughout my life, one of the many things that I have been, is blessed. Blessed to endure the trials and tribulations that have come my way and blessed to live through them. As Matthew 22:39 states, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I recently realized that this amazing love I have for others initially needs to come from the love we have for ourselves. I have always been a giver. I love helping others and tending to them. However, I never sit down, take a breather, and spend some time caring for myself. I have always adjusted my schedule for the needs of others. However, I cannot help pour into someone else with an empty cup. My desire to please God is higher than the desire to please people. Like God loves us, we must unconditionally love ourselves too.

This summer, I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain and experienced many personal revelations. On this trip, I did not fit in with the people I went on the trip with. I stayed in my own lane yet kept on overthinking if I was good enough. Then I thought to myself when have I ever fit into the standards of this world? Never! But I have always fit into the standards of God. My experience reminded me of the parable of The Lost Sheep where a shepherd left his flock of 99 just to find the lost one. I was in this space for a reason. God wanted me to be right here, at this moment, experiencing this culture, with these people, to not only change me but to flourish me. I was taught that I have been placed from the crowd and cliques for a reason. I have been an outsider my whole life and nothing has changed. I am not saying that it is a bad thing; I just know that the greatest and closest friend I will ever have is Jesus. In my preteen years, I struggled with peer pressure and bullying. I wanted acceptance from other people who I hung around. However, I soon realized that I only needed to please God. I truly understand why God has placed me into specific circumstances – to help others understand that they are destined for greatness, they are blessed, they are finally enough, and they have the capacity to love themselves.

Usually, comparing your life to people might make you change from the outside, but ultimately it changes you from the inside as well. In some instances, I get in my head way too much, start overthinking my abilities, and eventually my confidence digresses. What we have to understand is that


  1. God places people in your life at the right time to reassure you that you have the greatest potential in a field, even when you do not see it in yourself. It is hard to stop comparing yourself to others.
  2. But we are not in a battle with them; we are in a mental battle with ourselves.
  3. I could never find my passion by wanting someone else’s same exact passion and living vicariously through them. Others can inspire your passion, but your own passion must be manifested inside of you!
  4. God has placed you in each situation to share your testimony. There is a strategic placement for God’s Power to be made perfect in our weakness. In our own weakness, He is strong. Your trials have set you up to continue to succeed.

To whoever is reading this… God + you = more than enough. You are beyond blessed. I am finally enough and so are you. 

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