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April 1, 2019
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June 1, 2019

What does Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. mean to you? 

The Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc means to me women bringing community, support, accountability, and love to one another.

Describe Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. in one word 


How has Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. helped you? 

I had the pleasure of attending the Strong Sister program during my first year, and it helped me understand college life and that transitional time between a girl to a woman from the lens of older women that had been in my situation of taking on that new world. As a facilitator the next year, it helped me become apart of a growing community that helped shape what it looks like to be a strong woman in what could be a very confusing environment for some being away from home and growing up.

How do you shine your light on our world (How do you uplift others)? 

I try and shine my light in this world by giving love with every interaction. Even if it is just a smile.  I also wish to shine the light for women to gain self-acceptance and self-love through my hair company, Glow By Daye.  Our mission is to encourage women to embrace all of who they are just the way God made them.

What is your current career/major?

Entrepreneur, Owner of hair company, Glow by Daye

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