July Sister Spotlight: Erika Healy

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March 22, 2018
August Sister Spotlight: Raven Smith
August 1, 2018
Erika Healy attended Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. program during her Freshman year and became a part of the student leadership team for three years .  She served as a Facilitator, Coordinator, and Lead Coordinator during her college years.   As an Alumni, Erika continues to serve as a Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc mentor and regularly volunteers her time within the organization.
What does Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. mean to you?

I hold Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. near to my heart because it laid the groundwork for my success at Purdue. The program provided me with a solid foundation, introducing me to both resources and people that helped me become a successful student and leader on campus. Most importantly, I gained a supportive and encouraging network of Strong Sisters who I keep in touch with to this day, long after graduation. I would like to see Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. brought to every college campus because it is revolutionizing the way undergraduate, minority women excel.

Describe Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. in one word
How has Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. helped you?
I am a better woman because of Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. The program taught me how to carry myself as a professional and connected me with Strong Sisters worldwide who are dominating their realms of influence. I feel so empowered and supported by my Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. network, and I find myself constantly applying the lessons I’ve learned from the program. 
How do you shine your light on our world (How do you uplift others)? 
A fundamental lesson of Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. that I’ve adopted is always to uplift and never tear down others. Blowing out someone else’s candle does not make yours shine any brighter. I am very mindful of my words and intentions when interacting with people. I uplift others by helping them become the best version of themselves, even when that requires having tough conversations. Constructive criticism is not fun to deliver, but it is often necessary, and it can be extremely helpful when delivered appropriately from a genuine heart. Imagine what could happen if we replaced our competitive mentalities with collaborative mentalities and united to help each other become greater. Together, we are a dynamic force. This mentality that I acquired from Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. has brought me far in the professional world as well as in my personal relationships. 
What is your current career?
I am an engineer currently acting as a Marketing Specialist at Eaton, launching an anti-counterfeiting campaign in the Gulf (Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico) to combat a $175M gray market problem in the electrical industry. I am also the owner of Walk The Walk Consulting LLC, a multifaceted consulting firm that is changing the way individuals and businesses alike implement brilliant ideas. Walk The Walk Consulting offers innovative coaching in the areas of life, professionalism, wellness, and creativity. We also offer dynamic social media management and marketing services that are transforming the way businesses attract, engage, convert, and satisfy customers online. Please visit our website for more information: https://walkthewalkconsultingllc.com.

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