July Sister Spotlight: Kristiauna Lattimer

June 1, 2019
August Sister Spotlight: Kristel David
August 1, 2019

What does Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. mean to you? 

Wow, that is a good question! To answer the question, I would be remiss not to mention the founder Dr. DaVida Anderson and her ability to bring to life such an influential organization. Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. is a depiction of what dedication, consistency, and longevity look like in a dream fulfilled.

Describe Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. in one word 


How has Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. helped you? 

Growing up, I always had a strong desire to speak truth to my generation. However my non-confrontational personality prohibited me from doing so until I became a facilitator with Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. gave me a platform and a place of safety to share that truth boldly which help to lay a foundation of confidence to continue to have a voice of truth to my generation today.

How do you shine your light on our world (How do you uplift others)? 

I shine the brightest by allowing my life to be a living example of what “Kingdom Living” looks like. My greatest desire is to meet people where they are and to show them how to live their lives out loud. I do this in three ways. 1. being a present help when life hits hardest. 2. Walking and being in right standing with God. 3 and knowing the importance of allowing God’s own creative ability to flow through them to contribute themselves to the uplifting of both the Kingdom and humanity.

What is your current career?

CEO of The Beauty Mentor LLC.

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