June Sister Spotlight: Jylian Charles Feliciano

May Sister Spotlight: Ranay Orton
May 1, 2019
June 1, 2019

What does Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. mean to you? 

Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. is a sisterhood of women who share a united goal of uplifting and creating opportunities for women. The legacy of this organization will continue to ensure that generations of women that come after us (the first cohort) will have the privilege of joining a well-established network of women that can share wisdom and opportunities at each stage of their lives (Undergrad, Career Progression, Motherhood etc.).

Describe Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. in one word 


How has Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. helped you? 

The women within the organization continually inspire me by the amazing things they have accomplished. Through adversity and triumph, members continue to be trailblazers within their respective disciplines. Our sisterhood is unparalleled, and to this day, I continually reach out to members for advice, words of encouragement, and even prayer when I need support!

How do you shine your light on our world (How do you uplift others)? 

Here is one of my favorite quotes that sums it up! ““Hide yourself in God, so when a man wants to find you he will have to go there first.” “Always be there for others. Always inspire them with your dreams and hope, vision and mission, attitude and aptitude.”

What is your current career?

Head of North America Early Talent Programs – Conagra Brands

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