Trust God, SIS!

January 5, 2021


Lindsay Porter


I remember coming into college with CLEAR intentions of becoming a lawyer. I went to a summer program my junior year at Columbia University to learn about the law and really prepare myself for my future… or so I thought. When people asked me what I was going to school for, I stuck with the law because I felt I had to. I graduated valedictorian of my class, got a full ride to Purdue; how would it look if I came into school saying, “I honestly have no clue what I want to do with my life.” I felt like people expected me to have it all together, and I did not want to let anyone down, but I was completely lost, to be honest.



At the time, I was majoring in Sociology with a minor in law and society. Soon after the first few weeks of school, I started second-guessing law. I realized if I went through all of school to change my mind and not go to law school, what could I do what a sociology degree? I realized I would not be interested in any of the career choices a sociology degree would bring me. I remember being up late at night crying and praying to ask God for guidance. I could not understand how some people knew EXACTLY what they wanted to do. They come into college with a clear game plan of exactly what they want to do and how they want to accomplish it.


My first roommate was in Communications. She knew exactly what she wanted to do. I told her I was having a hard time, and she mentioned how Communications might be a good field for me too, but I did not know much about it, so I did not think much of it. Her work ethic and the fact that she knew exactly what she wanted to do in life inspired me. I did not get why that couldn’t be me. I began to pray consistently. “God, please help me to discover the right major for me… Lord, please lead me to a better major than the one I am in now… Lord send me a sign of which major I should switch to…” My mom would tell me, “Don’t worry, Lindsay, God will guide you, He will order your steps, and direct your path.” I wanted to believe her so bad, but I just didn’t. My trust in God was declining because I could not understand why I struggled so badly to find the right major for me. I felt lost at sea for an entire school year.


At the start of my second year, I was reminded of the scripture “…Faith without works is dead.” James 2:20. I was praying for a sign but not positioning myself to receive the sign. I had been sitting around mopping, hoping a plane would fly across the sky with a banner on the end that would tell me exactly what major to choose. I decided to get up and go to the Liberal Arts Career Center. Before I walked in, I remember praying and asking God for a sign once again. As I walked in, I was excited to explore new majors and hear about different career paths.  Before I told the career coach, Taylor, about my story, I asked her what her major was. She told me her major was Public Relations, she then went on to say, “…yea, I came into school thinking I wanted to be a lawyer, but I completely changed my mind. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer, but I felt like Public Relations would be a great field, so I changed my major to public relations.” That was one of the major signs that really led me to change my major.  Everything felt right. I could not believe I FINALLY had clarity. This major and this career field are literally perfect for me and what I want to do in life. Soon after I changed my major, I started the prerequisite classes for the major, and after that, I got into “Intro to Public Relations,” and Taylor, from the career center, was my TA. It was amazing to see everything come full circle. I am now fully in my major and will be graduating in December 2021.


After switching my major, opportunities and connections have been abundant. I have met so many people in my field, and I have connected with some of the top people in my field. I am currently interning with a small Black women-owned PR agency, and I am gaining amazing experience working hands-on with clients. I also have an internship with PepsiCo lined up for summer 2021. I wish I could say I trusted God to get me here. I wish I could say I had no doubts, but I did. But God truly has blown my mind. I am here to let you know it’s time to FULLY trust GOD! Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” God has great plans for us. We need to give Him the credit He deserves. I remember how lost I was. I never thought I would ever get to this place of comfortability, but God promised me He had a plan for me, and he is truly a man of His word! Stay prayed up, stay faithful, and remember to TRUST God, no matter what it feels like and no matter how it seems. He is in control.

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