October Sister Spotlight: Sydnei Parker

EDUCATION: A Dream Realized…
September 1, 2018
November Sister Spotlight: Sloane Bickerstaff
November 1, 2018

What does Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. mean to you? 

It’s a small sisterhood full of driven and dedicated women! It’s way more than a program, but I bonded with so many women through Strong Sister, Silly Sister.

Describe Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. in one word 


How has Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. helped you? 

Strong Sister, Silly Sister definitely helped a lot during my academic career at Purdue University. It was great to meet like-minded and driven women so early in the school year. I gained mentors and mentees through the program, and I enjoy doing the same for women of color at Purdue.

How do you shine your light on our world (How do you uplift others)? 

I uplift others by simply being there. You never know the difference you can make in someone’s life by simply being present; to talk, to laugh, to listen.

What is your current career?

I am a full-time student.

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