Kristel David

Renee A. Thomas
January 19, 2018
Chelsea C. Hayes
January 19, 2018

My first year at Purdue University I attended the Strong Sister,Silly Sister (SSSS) program and was very moved by the message received and the mission the program stood for. It was a creative way of reaching out to young women which is not only one of my passions but something that has a great need, especially on college campuses. I was honored to be asked to help coordinate the program after DaVida graduated and I agreed with no doubts. I felt a great deal of responsibility to continue such a legacy and make a difference in other’s lives. Each year the program gets stronger and stronger and has flourished into such an amazing annual event as well as an ongoing impact through out the year. I would recommend this program to all campuses and think it is beneficial for all who attend. May God continue to bless this program and continue to use it as a tool to make a positive change in the lives of young women that may transcend to all others.

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