Theme Contest Winner: Jayla Langford

Destined For Greatness 15th Anniversary Celebration
March 22, 2018

Meet Jayla; she just completed her Freshman year at Purdue University majoring in mathematics.  Jayla included in her essay for the theme contest the following:

We are so much more than just dreamers. We have an opportunity to make a change. As the incredible, and the previously untold story of the movie Hidden Figures conveyed, “Any upward movement is a movement for everyone. We will get to the peak together, or we will not get there at all”. To dream monumentally and to inspire others to keep people ambitious.

Our goal is $5,000, and with your help, by donating at least $15 towards our goal, we can reach the peak together.  Will you help Strong Sister, Silly Sister, Inc. reach the peak? 

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